About Naomi

"Writing for me is like downloading a story from my mind. I see it as if a movie is playing in front of my eyes. So I write it down, scene by scene, moment by moment."


The creation of the Author

Author Naomi Sharp began writing notes when she was 10 years old, always having a notebook ready to jot down the next profound thought or idea. 

During her school days, it was discovered that Naomi has Dyslexia, therefore she found writing her ideas and thoughts into coherent prose was not something that came naturally. However, as she grew older, Naomi's writing began to develop..

During her university years, Naomi took the opportunity to spend some time around people who could help her to understand how to turn her thoughts into words on the page. These people gave Naomi the tools she needed so she could write what she was thinking and feeling. It was like the flood gates had opened!

But it wasn’t until 6 years on that Author Naomi Sharp would write her first non- fiction book, Living Life With The Glass Half Full, where she shares her inspiring story of changing life's adversities into lessons she learned along the way.

No sooner had she finished that book, that she began to write her next work,  A Diary Of Dreams, the first part of the Universal Series, andher first fiction...

Naomi Sharp is trained as an Occupational Therapist and has became fascinated with equine assisted therapy. During the day Naomi runs her therapy centre carrying out equine assisted therapy, equine assisted learning and horseback therapy for individuals with a mental, physical or emotional disability. Exploring how horses help people to heal not only physically but also mentally and emotionally has helped to inspire her writing. Her passion for understanding how we can help our bodies to heal and our dreams to become a reality has brought some breath-taking experiences into her life. As well as providing the opportunity to meet some incredible people and visit some amazing places.By 2015 Naomi had so many incredible experiences that a process was revealed with such profound results, that she felt inspired to share it with everyone. The result, "40 Days Transforming Your Life" was created.Author Naomi Sharp continues to write as her passion grows to inspire people to heal, and to find happiness and hope in their life. She feels story telling is an incredible way to pass on wisdom, discover life's truths and to ignite imaginations.

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