Universal Series by Naomi Sharp

" Wonderful visual page turner. I love the way naomi brings the pages to life and takes you on a visual journey through the books. I can never put them down and then cant wait to read the next one to continue the journey 5*+++, totally recommend"

A gentle guide to resuming life in a new world 

After a life altering event, you may feel that you’re living in a void.

People describe living in a daze. Others are constantly angry. Some, achingly numb.

Author Naomi Sharp wrote the Universal series to lay out the paths you can take to heal and discover new meaning in life.

In four simple, easy-to-read stories, she shares concrete tools to rediscover and fulfil your life dreams.

Full of optimism and hope, these books can be shared with your children.

The Universal Series reminds us that it’s still possible to move forward and make dreams come true.

"Loved it !!! totally got lost in this book it was so visually written it was like being in your own cinema really loved it and couldn't put it down.... cant wait to read the next one ."a r<3

A Diary of dreams (Universal Series book 1)

Can lost love transform?
After his dad’s death, Hugh watches his mom’s happiness dissolve into a dark depression. All Ally could see is an empty void, a love that is no longer there. Hugh maps his dreams onto a vision board: love is not lost, it’s just transformed. What follows is an adventure that takes them towards new dreams, new love, and exciting places. This book is a warm hug for all of us who need the courage to follow our heart’s desires.

#StoryTime- A Diary of Dreams

A Locket of Love (Universal Series Book 2)

Can you trust your intuition?
Molly loves her Nana O’s magical stories, ​especially ​the one about the locket that holds a precious secret. Discovering this secret leads Molly on a life-changing journey. With the help of her two best friends, Layla and Dillon, she slowly becomes the person she was meant to be. As Nana O says, the true question is how will you approach life experiences - with love, hate, fear, courage, or inspiration?

#StoryTime- A Locket of Love

A Mirror of Miracles (Universal Series Book 3)

Who do you see in the mirror?
When she looks in the mirror, Molly sees a lost, sad girl. Hugh can’t see the champion he wants to be. This is the story of how they learn to choose what to see, and open their heart to that person. Just as Molly’s path becomes clearer, the unthinkable happens and life is never the same again.

#StoryTime- A Mirror of Miracles

A Feather of Faith (Universal Series Book 4)

Can tragedy kill your dreams? 
As Molly comes to terms with her heartbreaking news, she has to unpick the threads of her old life. Nana O’s star lights Molly through her darkest time. Ally is forced to step back into a life that she not long ago fled from. Yet this time she feels a great strength… As old and new friends intersect, will they find their luck again or will fear and heartache kill their dream?

#StoryTime- A Feather of Faith

A Ring of rejoicement (Universal Series book 5)

When all the trials are over what gifts will you receive?

As Ally, Ben, Molly and Hugh all begin to build a new life together as a family, making the adjustments needed, they begin to receive gift after gift from life in the most unimaginable ways, as Ally and Ben prepare to make the biggest commitment of their life.

#StoryTime- A Ring of Rejoicement

"You've done it again. Thoroughly enjoyable relatable story.......Love really is the answer......Again kept totally enthralled until the end.. Everyone needs a Nana O...What words of wisdom I shall revisit this book many a time of that I'm sure....xx"

Naomi started keeping a notebook of her thoughts when she was only 10 years old. But her lifelong interest in healing and wellness comes from her own experience with Dyslexia, which she writes about in “Living Life With The Glass Half Full”. Naomi works as an Occupational Therapist where helping people to heal physically, mentally and emotionally informs her writing. Her passion for self-healing and trusting in instinct has opened her to some incredible life experiences. She shares these in "40 Days Transforming Your Life". The Universal Series of four books is her first foray into fiction. Each book a page-turner, yet full of optimistic messages and life lessons for all of us dreamers.

Thoughts from our readers

This book draws you in just like the first one in this series . This book draws you in just like the first one in this series, it continues to teach you about yourself and what is important in life and what isn't. I see Naomi's books as guides to wellness and healing because they are full of captivating spirituality. Thank you Naomi for writing such beautiful books!

This Book is like a Big Hug. I have just read this book and loved it. I think that it's confirmation of what we instinctively know, that it's ok to use and trust our intuition to guide us through life. Nana O and Molly get the message across wonderfully and remind us of what matters most - Love, Family and Friends. Sometimes we get swept away in a hectic world but using our intuition makes us feel truly connected with loved ones and life. I can't wait to get started on the next book - Thank you Naomi.

Incredible read!! WOW!! just WOW!! I'm speechless, fantastic book!!!

I've just finished reading this latest book in the series- I've just finished reading this latest book in the series and already can't wait to read the next book (hopefully there will be another)! Naomi has a true talent for writing where he words make you melt into the pages and feel as if you are part of the story yourself. Couldn't put this book down!

Difficult to put down!5I have just finished reading this book and I thought that A Mirror of Miracles was a real page turner which wonderfully highlights Naomi's developing skills as an author. I love how even more of Hugh's dreams have come true and how the family has grown and transformed. I can't help but be inspired by Hugh's strong beliefs and focus and how these things have helped him to achieve his dreams and, how at the same time, he has helped his friends and lead the way for them to reach their goals too. This book has made me think about how little attention I have paid to important areas of my own self image and it has also shown the techniques I can use to develop those areas. An inspirational story which has encouraged me to put more effort into areas of myself that have been given too little attention. Thank you for sharing Naomi.

A BOOK WITH LOTS OF MESSAGES - The book touched on emotional fears and what could be true life events for any one of us. It showed with courage and determination life could go on the book gives lots of messages to the reader. It makes you think.

A special, heart warming story that teaches you to dream! This is an incredible story of a boy who really does teach us that anything is possible - if we dream it. An inspiration!

Another heart warming and inspiring story from Naomi. I love how Naomi writes the stories in this series, easy to read and follow so that you can get totally lost in the story-line and the lessons that it provides. I think these books draw the reader because Naomi touches on topics that resonate with us all in some way. This is the second book that I have read in this series and again loved it. I think that sometimes as adults, and with the strains of life, we forget that we're allowed to follow our dreams. Maybe with too many disappointments and knock-backs we no longer dare to dream. For me this book reminded me how our children can surprise us with the lessons we learn from them and how they can surprise us with their resilience, strength and wisdom. Through love and hope, Hugh and Ally remind us to trust in ourselves and our dreams and take responsibility for our own destiny. This book re-ignited my own hopes and dreams and gave me the self-belief and strength to dare to follow them. Thank you again Naomi.

You can make those dreams come true and lead a truly wonderful life whatever your situation. I have just finished this book and am hoping there is another in the pipeline. It helps to show you that dreams don't just have to be dreams, you can make those dreams come true and lead a truly wonderful life whatever your situation. Another must read by Naomi is " living with the glass half full", again this book shows you how to deal with anxieties, depression and a whole lot more. I suffer with anxiety but on my journey I have discovered that this isn't a weakness, I now use it as a strength because it means I care.

This is a beautiful story full of optimism and hope. This is a beautiful story full of optimism and hope! Once again after reading a book by Naomi I am left in a much more positive place than when I began. I recommend if you are after a book to suck you and escape into a world whilst teaching you many of life's important lessons along the way!

Totally captivating. I don't read a lot but once I started could not put this book down. Your " objectives " achieved Naomi, this book spreads happiness, inspires and gives hope. I'd start the next one right now if it wasn't 01:22hrs..lol.xx

Dream until your dreams come true. Beautifully written story of hope and an amazing little boy who's determination is humbling. The book really gave me hope that although we face challenges and heartache never give up hope. This book gave me strength and inspiration to carry on making changes in my own life.

Optimism and hope!! A beautiful, touching story full of optimism and hope. I couldn't help but re-evaluate a few things in my life after reading this, it gave me such a new way of looking at things. Thank you Naomi, I look forward to reading your next book!!!!!

Hold onto your hats you get sucked into a lovely vivid story- I just got swept away into a vivid story that warmed my heart loved it x

Five Stars- Inspirational story. Really made me think about my own journey through life and realise anything is possible.

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