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This little book runs deep. Read it.

 What an inspiring story! A deep message simply told. I couldn't put this book down. 

Change your life and read these books, they changed mine

Naomi is a very gifted and inspiring author and person. Her books really make you think and realise you can change your thoughts for the better.  I'd recommend reading all of her books.

Naomi writes with experience and wisdom that belies her years, her experiences draw connections to your own and after reading this book you can find yourself re examining aspects of your own life. Her perspectives when it comes to what some people would deem failures and positives they can bring about is enlightening, as is the two way relationships that can be achieved with a horse. Overall the book brings out a very positive outlook on life and is something that can be revisited when necessary, well worth a read for anyone, but especially those that struggle letting go of the past.

 I can never put them down and then cant wait to read the next one to continue the journey 5*+++ totally recommend

I can't believe this book - I have just finished my 40 days and have already exceeded what I set out to achieve at the start. The way this book is written is so easy to follow, supportive, compassionate and motivational. This book has been like my own personal Guru by my side every day - I wish I had found it 20 years ago. I intend to use this book again and again to develop and transform my life - This book is a friend for life! 

 Truly a life changing read....beautifully written and thought provoking. 

A brilliant and inspiring read, full of joy and memories. Would recommend this book to anyone.

An inspiring read...it helped me realize that by changing my perception of certain situations ( that I had seen as negative) I really could draw positivity from it and make positive changes in my life.
I love the idea of Section 8 ....wonderful to have this to dip in and out of
depending on what is happening in my life. Thank you Naomi! 

 This is a beautiful story full of optimism and hope! Once again after reading a book by Naomi I am left in a much more positive place than when I began. I recommend if you are after a book to suck you and escape into a world whilst teaching you many of life's important lessons along the way!

A beautifullywritten book that fills you with hope and love..

   I totally got lost in this book it was so visually written it was like being in your own cinema really loved it and couldn't put it down.... cant wait to read the next one


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